The Alluring Swat Valley Tour

The Swat Valley known as the “Switzerland of East”; exists in the mountainous ranges of Hindukush range of dazzling snow covered high mountains & hills. The valley of Swat starts from the foothill of Malakand but major sections are located between Landakay and Gabral (Gulabad), the area within the administrative boundaries of Swat. The length of the valley from Landakay to Gabral is 91 miles. Two narrow strips of plains run along the banks of Swat River from Landakay to Madyan but widest portion of the valley is between Barikot and khwaza khela. The charismatic view point where a major portion of the valley is seen is at Gulibagh on main road, which leads to Madyan. There are some subsidiary valleys called “Daras”, which help to increase the width of the main valley. The whole valley is the outcome of running water of Swat River. This flowing water cuts the upper courses deeply, and flows the load of washed away materials. Other famous places which one can visit is Malam Jabba-Ski Resort, Ushu Valley, Mahudand Lake & Kalam-a valley full of natural beauty, alpine forest & snow covered mountains.


Fact Sheet:

Duration: 05 Nights / 06 Days
Ideal Season: May to November
Max Elevation: 1000m
Range: North Pakistan
Trip Grade: Easy
Zone Type: Open



Day Program Overnight
01 Arrive in Islamabad, transfer to hotel. Hotel
02 AM Drive to Swat and PM city sightseeing. Hotel
03 Drive to Miandam via Malamjaba. Hotel
04 Drive to Kalam. Hotel
05 Drive back to Islamabad via Swat. Hotel
06 Transfer to airport for homebound flight. Nil


NOTE: This program can also be customized according to the preferences of our clients. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us:

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