The third largest province of Pakistan located in the southeast bordering Arabian Sea, Sindh has been cradle of different civilization and the first known village settlement to human dates as far back as to 7000 BCE. It then gave rise to the Indus valley civilization which even today is known as a highly developed society ever existed in the region from about 2500 BCE to 1500 BCE. The province was conquered by successive empires including Persian Achaemenid, Alexander the Great, Seleucus Empire, Mauryan Empire and Ashoka till Mohammad Bin Qasim invaded in 711 to spread Islam. In 1524 Mughal Empire was welcomed and then British established footstep in 19th century till partition in 1947.


Being one of the ancient cities of the world with utmost history, Sindh today has number of tourist attractions from ruined cities to contemporary erections. Mohenjo Daro,  the largest Ranikot Fort, Chaukhandi Tombs, Kot Diji,  Noor Mahal Palace in Khairpur, Tomb of M.A. Jinnah, Karachi beach, Keenijhar Lake, National Museum, Sindh Museum and Karachi port are the major tourist attractions.

Map of Sindh