Balochistan is the largest of four provinces of Pakistan making 44% of country’s landmass yet sparsely populated by only 5% of the country’s human population. The region’s history dates back to 6,000 BC when it was inhabited by Stone Age hunters. There are also evidences of trade links with ancient civilization of Babylon. The province is enormously rich in natural resources and yet less travelled and least explored. Now is the time the province is gaining more attention than ever before most because of the coastal highway and deep sea port in Gwadar as well as road link to Iran. Balochistan is expected to be the most fascinating region both for business and tourism. Access from Iran via Taftan to Quetta and other major cities of Pakistan, Makran coastal highway leading to Gwadar from Karachi and upcoming largest international airport in Gwadar, to be operational from 2018, will bring phenomenal changes in Balochistan. If you plan to explore the largest province of Pakistan, we will be more than happy to be your host.

Map of Balochistan