Ancient Pakistan Tour

Starting from the bustling city of Karachi in the south, this epic journey ends in the heart of Pakistan – the federal capital, Islamabad. Taking into course most of the landmarks this tour covers ancient monuments boasting rise and fall of civilizations, alluring architecture, fascinating cultures, and a diverse landscape.

This two week program is crafted to illustrate much of the history experienced on this land for several millennia. Start with world heritage sites of Chaukhandi and Makli Before you reach Mohenjo-Daro (mound of the dead) where you will be witnessing the ruins of a highly civilized society lived sophisticatedly some 3000 years ago. The construction design was such that even with modern day amenities most cities still lag behind in today’s world.

Likewise, when you proceed to Bahawalpur, you will be fascinated with magnificent palaces even boasting today; many years after they were erected by local Nawabs. Derawar Fort and Nur Mahal are vivid examples. Similarly ancient shrines in Multan and Uch, although partially ruined, artfully adorned as the beauty can still be fantasized by the rich colors and calligraphy inscribed within. The Mughal architecture still speaks for itself with imposing and artful edifices. The lavishing lifestyle of Mughal emperors with big ideas is translated in the facilities still alive today. The afternoon visit to Wagha border in Lahore is an episode of expression of patriotism during the flag down ceremony. The journey continues on to the robust bastion walled Rohtas Fort built by Sher Shah Suri who stood against the Mughal Empire of his time.  Your final destination on this historic journey will be Taxila where you will enjoy seeing relics in the museum and visiting the surrounding ancient settlements including Mohra Moradu, Sirkap, Julian, and Dharmarajika Stupa. There is a lot more to explore.

Fact Sheet:

Duration: 14 Nights / 15 Days
Ideal Season: September to April
Max Elevation: 540 m
Range: South Pakistan
Trip Grade: Easy
Zone Type: Open



Days Program Overnight
01 Arrival at Karachi. AM at leisure, PM city tour. Hotel
02 Drive to Hyderabad via Chaukhandi, Banbhore and Thatta (Makli Hills). Hotel
03 Morning visit museum royal tombs, bazaars. Pm excursion to Nasarpur. Hotel
04 Hyderabad to Sukkur via Kot Diji. Hotel
05 Visit Mohenjodaro. PM visit river at Sukkur & tombs at Rohri. Hotel
06 Drive to Bahawalpur. Visit Bhong, Nawab’s palace at Dera Nawab Khan. Hotel
07 Excursion to Derawar Fort in Cholistan & Uch Sharif. Hotel
08 Explore Bahawalpur: Museum, Nur Mahal (from outside), bazaar. Pm drive to Multan. Hotel
09 Sightseeing in Multan including visit of Shrines of Sufi Saints. Hotel
10 Drive to Lahore via Harappa & Pakpattan. Hotel
11 Sightseeing Lahore including Lahore museums, Lahore fort, Badshahi Mosque and Shalimar Gardens. Hotel
12 Morning excursion to Hiran Manar. PM visit Wagah boarder. Hotel
13 Drive to Rawalpindi en route Rohtas Fort, Mankiyala stup & Rawat Fort. Hotel
14 Day excursion to Taxila. Hotel
15 Morning transfer to airport for homebound flight. Nil


NOTE: This program can also be customized according to the preferences of our clients. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us:

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